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Fishing Recipes

Happy Snappers


·   5 friends

·   1 meticulously maintained boat

·   1 well stocked cooler

·   Several of the finest rods, reels and the best fishing tackle available

·   1 experienced Charter Boat Captain with knowledge and secrets about the local fishing holes



Meet Captain Harold and your friends at the Sands Harbor Marina, load yourselves onto the Happy Snapper and prepare to have the time of your life, enjoying a day of productive fishing with no worries.


Don’t forget to purchase your t-shirt at the end of your trip, so all your friends will know you’ve become a member in the elite group of Happy Snapper, Sport Fishermen.



Smoked Skunk


·   5 friends

·   1 boat in questionable condition

·   all the expensive mismatched tackle the world has to offer

·   no experience or local knowledge

·   no Charter Captain



Spend a week planning your trip with friends. Meet at the dock early in the morning; load the boat with all your food, beverages and fishing gear. Head out to sea with hopes of landing the big one and no clue about how to do it. Float around on the ocean aimlessly for 6 hours without a nibble. Get drunk and ticked off, throw your host overboard and spend the next 6 hours searching for the inlet that will return you to the dock.


Congratulations, you've been skunked, your temper is smoking and all the Happy Snappers are having a good laugh at your expense when you finally make it back to the dock. 





·      5 friends

·      1 case of beer

·      1 bottle of scotch

·      no experience or local knowledge

·      no Charter Captain



Float around in the ocean for 6 hours with your friends and no hope of landing the big one, leaving nothing for you to do, but swig on the bottle and chug your beer. Spend the next hours side by side with your friends, leaning over the gunnels hurling into the ocean. Create a cesspool of floaters that no fish will swim into, leaving behind a wake of chum not even the bottom feeders would crawl under. 


Save yourselves from the humiliation and book your next fishing trip with Captain Harold Heuff aboard the Happy Snapper. 

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